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by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

If you are keen to learn French language courses fast, then rocket French might be an option for you. Rocket French is a French language course that has been very well received by consumers. This program brings you the tools you need to become a advanced level french speaker in limited time. Through this effective French language course you can learn conversational French like someone who has spent years mastering the language. From the get go rocket french provides the information you need to perfect your new language skills immediately. This program is simple to use and understand, it also offers you a different learning approaches from the rest.

Components of the Program

The Rocket French language course features interactive audio that gives you grammar and cultural lessons, along with teaching you words and phrases. Also included in the program are full transcripts of conversations that communicate both English and French, making these lessons easy to follow. The use of both visual and audio tools is also created to cater for all types of learners. In this complete all in one program you will get 31 interactive audio lessons, 45 grammar and cultural lessons and various games that help you learn whilst having fun.

6 Part- Rocket


Box Set- Rocket French
Box Set- Rocket French

(CD Pack)

The Structure of a Lesson

In the Rocket French language course, each of the 31 lessons last about 20 to 30 minutes long. You will hear the narrator and his French friend slowing conversing with each other. Each lesson is presented in a conversational way to get you into a natural speaking rhythm.

After the conversation, you are guided through the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of the words and phrases used in the audio. You are taken through these points in English so you can fully understand what’s being taught. You will also hear the native French speaker whom always speaks in French to help you get more comfortable with hearing and speaking the language. The perk here is that you get a both run down of the English and French version of whats being taught. Hearing words which are actually spoken by a french tutor is much more helpful and effective in the learning process.

At the end of the lesson there is a review and you hear the conversation again. You also have a chance to do the interactive portion where you can test your abilities to see what you have learnt.

Combination Learning

The Rocket French language course uses the idea of giving you a combination of tools to learn French language fast.

Becoming fluent in any new language is not easy. It takes time and plenty of practice. With this course you get many different tools to help you pick up on French quickly. You are giving information in audio and in writing so you not only learn to speak French, but understand it both verbally and written. With the wide range of learn French language courses out there, Rocket French is an all around program that will teach everything you need to know about the french language.

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