French Language Course Review – Fluenz French

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

There are many ways to learn the French language through a French language course. A French language course can be taught through books, classes and software programs. So, how do you know which French language course is the right one for you? The only way to truly find the right course is to read reviews of the product and discover the features of it so you can choose the right program. Fluenz French is definitely a program to consider.

Fluenz French is a French language course that you can use on your computer to learn the French language at your convenience. It is set up to replicate a classroom environment. Here,you are led through your lessons by Sonia, your program instructor. This program uses different exercises to help you learn the French language.

Speak French Now

Fluenz French uses many different methods to help you learn the French language. You will practice your french by listening, speaking, reading and writing in French. You will also be practicing what you learn in a repetitious manner but using different approaches to prevent you from getting bored. The focus of the program is to get you speaking French as quickly as possible.
This program is great because it doesn’t overwhelm you with large amounts of information. You will not be taken into the complexities of grammar or french language rules. Since the focus is to get you speaking French as quickly as possible, you will only be learning how to speak French and use it in a conversational way.

The Approach

The Fluenz French language course uses a real teacher, Sonia. She is friendly and very real. Many users feel it is Sonia who really sets this program apart from other similar programs. You quickly get into the program because she makes it feel like a real one-on-one teaching situation.

Another aspect of the program that has been well received by users is that Fluenz French uses a lot of English to teach. Many other programs throw an overwhelming amount of French phrases and words at you in an attempt to teach you the language. Quite opposite to this, Fluenz French uses English to ensure you understand what you are learning and to help you to more easily grasp the French language. This really helps make the program less frustrating. You get explanations in English so there is no confusion as to what you are being taught.

This french language course also focuses in on words and phrases that will be useful in everyday conversations. It does not give any unnecessary information that may or may not be important, it is targeted and too the point. Some people find that it may be too narrow of a program, but if your main goal is to learn conversational French then you should find that this program works well for anyone.

Fluenz French is not your typical French language course. You can expect to get a simplified lesson that teaches you fast how to speak the French language. You will not come out of the program knowing everything there is to know about speaking French, but you will learn enough French to be able to carry out conversations with native French speakers.

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