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by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

Japanese tutorial programs range from programs that are small enough to fit in a few mp3 files or large enough to take up considerable resources on the latest computer, the choice of which works for you is determined by exactly what you want to accomplish with your studies. The more comprehensive the program and greater the proficiency desired, usually the larger the Japanese tutorial program.
The Rosetta Stone Japanese has been one of the forefront professional tutorial programs used by schools, students who are interested in teaching themselves, and even businesses. The program is one of the most extensive programs on the market. As a Japanese tutorial and one of the foremost learn speak Japanese programs. This package has a lot to offer.

There are some major advantages and some huge disadvantages to the programs. The complete package is the software application, which teaches everything including speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.


While you do get a huge amount of language development and the program is designed to provide levels of proficiency great enough to pass national level and governmental level proficiency exams, the programs are large in terms of space and incredible expensive.

This means that it is out of reach for many people who cannot afford the expense or who have computer systems, which cannot meet the necessary requirements in order to run the various aspects such as speech recognition. Most speech recognition programs require several gigabytes of RAM in order to function correctly.


The advantages are numerous. One of the biggest advantages of this tutorial program is the fact that it is successful enough to be used by companies and organizations such as NASA. It is one of the more comprehensive programs and is designed to teach not only conversational language but also written language. When learning proficiency it is important to learn more than just conversational language.

It is essential that the entire language be learned in order to gain true proficiency. Many people learn conversational language in order to get by when visiting however if you are planning on doing business on a regular basis, moving to and living in Japan, or you want to really learn to think in the language then a program like the Rosetta stone Japanese system is something to consider seriously.

The program while expensive and heavy on computer resource use provides a comprehensive way to not only work on conversational skills but also learn how to think in the language and read in it. These are essential skills if you are looking to learn a language seriously and be able to use that language.

Another advantage of the program and in some cases a disadvantage is the fact that it is updated on a regular basis. The advantage is that it contains changes as they occur within the language. The disadvantage is that with this particular Japanese tutorial when the new version comes out language packages from previous versions are often unusable making it necessary to purchase the updated version.

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