Looking to Learn? Speak German Fluently with Tell Me More German

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

Are you interested in another Language and looking to learn? Speak German with a great language program today. In Europe, German is spoken by over one hundred million people in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with German speaking communities found in parts of Europe, the United States and in other areas throughout the world. Becoming fluid in German looks great on college applications and makes individuals look more qualified when applying for jobs over monolingual applicants with the same job skills. For adults and children trying to learn German has to be about more than vocabulary and grammar, to stay focused on one of the more difficult languages for native English speakers. The use of sophisticated technology and a German tutorial offered by Tell Me More German, can teach individuals around the globe how to learn German.

Start to Finish – Learn, Speak German with Fluently!

Let’s face it, learning a new language is not cheap. A German tutorial by some of the more popular language learning programs can cost hundreds of dollars for one level. To learn German, the program is usually broken up into a level for beginners, intermediate and advanced. In total, advancing through each level could cost a thousand dollars or more. With the Tell Me More German tutorial, the extensive program includes 10 levels of learning that total over 2,000 hours of tutorials; no other major commercial product comes close to achieving this.

Tell Me More has been selected and used by corporations to train employees and has won numerous awards. It is a learn, speak German tutorial specifically for home schooling purpose.

Learn German with Flexible Lesson Plans

Though there are a number of German tutorial based learning programs, few if any allow users to choose the type of lesson plan they prefer. This unique application includes dynamic, free or guided modes. Beginners will benefit the most from the guided mode where, a more traditional learning module is used. The dynamic mode adapts the content shown based on how the learner is progressing and the free mode allows the user to take complete control of how they learn German. The ability to track scores, take quizzes and the thousands of exercises covering speaking and writing are great additions. Where the program truly shines is the use of voice recognition software,

Tell Me More German Software Issues

Though the software is fantastic for dynamic learning and provides a truly complete German language program, some users have complained that the software isn’t very user friendly and does not provide enough of a lesson for beginners. Instead, the program simply starts with complete German sentences and phrases with little explanation to users. Though immediate assistance is given with pronunciation, users complain of words not being defined and of crossword puzzles that have no learning value and use words not yet learned while watching the German tutorial. In addition, some vital information can not be printed out for later use. The long installation process has also received criticism.

The advanced German tutorial also includes videos, 3D animations and real news broadcast are unique to Tell Me More, allowing users to get a real world experience of using German. Advisors can also be contacted at any time for issues with the software. However, their focus appears to be on software issues and may be of little use to users who have questions about how to learn German. For users who can get around the navigation issues, Tell Me More German can take them from novice to advanced language learner. So if you are looking learn, speak German with Tell Me More is the way to go.

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