Want to Learn Spanish But Don’t Know How? Speak Spanish with the Fluenz Learning Program

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

There are numerous language learning software’s and programs out there today especially on the internet that consumers are spoilt for choice. However, there is only a few that set themselves apart from the rest. One such language program is that offered by Fluenz. To learn a new language is not that easy. Many people ask themselves How? Speak Spanish with ease using Fluenz Spanish is the simple answer to this question. It is a new product that offers a simple interface with a combination of effective methods of training. With the the right tools and the know how, speak Spanish like a pro. There will be no more wasting of time learning phrases that are not important. Fluenz Spanish will provide the user with a high learning and quality set-up for Spanish language learning.

Fluenz Spanish Learning Software

Learning to speak Spanish has never been easier with the Fluenz Learn Spanish CD or Software. The makers of Fluenz have made their product from the perspective of travelers. It is for those who want to learn as much as they can in as little time as possible. You might ask How? Speak Spanish with a tutor in a one on one learning experience with Fluenz. They provide memory retention activities that challenge users with the final stage being a full blown Spanish conversation. In addition, this learn Spanish CD provides everyday words and phrases for learning unlike other products.

Fluenz Spanish is so simple to use and understand with a high quality rating because there are not that many word tools used on it when compared to other programs. It does however have a great and easy to use glossary of common Spanish phrases and words. You might be wondering how speak Spanish programs such as Fluenz work? They offer easy to understand phrases, activities, tutorials, audio and books of the different languages. The Fluenz program is a really well thought out process that give dictionaries and translation tools a run for their money. Their learn Spanish CD gives you the option not to use these two resources.

Mastery of the Spanish Language

Though Fluenz Spanish may be simple compared to other language learning software, it does teach the users mastery of the language. Spanish vocabulary is first introduced in lessons before activities are carried out for greater learning. The activities can range from listening to audio, to reading and writing, with conversations and speaking the language other options. The lessons on Fluenz are organized really well in a linear way or fashion. This allows the program to guide you through its use easily. The Fluenz Spanish Software also uses a lot of videos. Their tutors and the activities carried out through the videos are simply spectacular.


Fluenz Spanish does fall short in that it does not provide more lessons and activities on its’ website. This is not a bad thing but it does limit them. Another disadvantage compared to other programs is that Fluenz does not have content for portable devices such as mobiles. The great thing though is that they are working to overcome that problem.

Final Assessment

Overall, Fluenz offers one of the best support resources of all the different language products available. They help you try to understand the ins and outs of the program to ensure you get the most out of your learning experience. You might ask How? Speak Spanish programs are limited on their offerings while Fluenz through its online support assist users to receive more through options such as e-mail help, phone support systems and even live chats with professionals. The Fluenz Spanish language software is truly a remarkable program that is recommended for anyone looking to not only learn Spanish but master it.

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