Want to Learn Chinese But Don’t Know How? Speak Chinese With Transparent Chinese

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

To learn a new language is not that easy especially when the language is Chinese. If your were like me and thought this to be impossible, we were both wrong, let me explain how? Speak Chinese was ease has never been made easier when using a Complete Chinese Learning Suite. This is one of the newer products available for people who want to know just how to speak Chinese. This program offers four CDs that begin with basic Chinese vocabulary to help students get a well rounded overview of what to expect to learn. Interestingly the second CD teaches basic words in Chinese through game playing. This allows the student to ease straight into the learning process.

Through this proven strategy of language game playing, users of the Complete Chinese Learning Suite (Transparent language) will be able to understand Chinese words and build up vocabulary more effectively compared with other programs The third CD teaches Chinese characters through rapid-fire learning and memorization.

Learning how to speak Chinese can be tough for Western speakers because the tones and vowels are so different.However the Complete Chinese Learning Suite offers native speaker in the final CD. This CD allows the user to compare her or his voice to the native speaker’s voice to improve tones and pronunciation.

This native speaker and the easy to use practice CDs is one the two major advantages this program has. Many programs use a variety of speakers from various regions, which can make it difficult for non-native speakers to hone in on their skills. Other programs use Westernized voices to help English speakers understand the CD better, but using a native speaker can help improve language skills much more effectively than other means.

The second major benefit to Complete Chinese Learning Suite is that the user is able to purchase the program without spending hundreds of dollars. This incredible program sells for less than $200 and comes all packaged together nicely. This price tag is very inexpensive compared to other language programs, making it accessible for all people who want to learn to speak Chinese.

On the down side, Complete Chinese Learning Suite does not have any built-in support. Once a user purchases the program, there is live online chat contact with a company support personal.

The best thing about this program is that it uses tried and true approaches to perfect its language learning strategy.Any student could learn the Chinese language well with this program, but it will take a significant investment of time and commitment. If you are extremely keen on the know how? Speak Chinese has never been made easier with the complete Chinese learning suite.

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