Learn Chinese To Speak Fluently and Quickly With Rosetta Stone Chinese

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

Learning Chinese can be a challenge if you have no experience with the language. One of the best programs available for people who want to learn Chinese, to speak it fluently and quickly is with the Rosetta Stone Chinese program. The Rosetta Stone series is known as the most comprehensive series out there to learn Chinese or any other foreign language. To speak naturally in Chinese, you would need years of learning, but with rosetta you can learn it within months.

Actual Screen Shot of Rosetta Stone Chinese Program

How Rosetta Stone Works

Chinese language learning is a bit different from French and Germanic language learning strategies. The Chinese language is more complicated with tones and phrases all coming from different origins. This means that learning to speak Chinese would be tougher to master. The Rosetta Stone program works by attempting to replicate the way babies learn a language. When babies first start comprehending words, their parents will point to an object and then name that object. In the same way, Rosetta Stone Chinese promotes Chinese language learning by showing a picture and having the speaker use a microphone to say the word.

Self-Pacing A Plus

Unlike other programs, Rosetta Stone Chinese is self-paced. The program works with the users and moves at the user’s pace. That means people with some basic knowledge of the language can learn Chinese to speak more quickly by skipping over the parts they don’t need. People who learn numbers slowly also can have the program self-pace to give them time to master the words before moving on.

Immersion System

Rosetta Stone Chinese uses the immersion system, which is considered the most complete way to learn a language. As the program progresses, the user must decipher words and their meaning from context clues, as if in real life conversational situations.

Costly for Some

Rosetta Stone Chinese, despite its excellent system, is very expensive. Some users may find they have to struggle to pay for the program as the cost is several hundred dollars in most cases. For users who aren’t serious about learning the chinese language this program would indeed be to costly.

No Grammar Lessons

Another problem arises for people who understand learning through explanation grammar. The program is based on learning the language to be able to speak Chinese to others, meaning there is little explanation of how the language structures work. For people with an intuitive understanding of language, that lack of explanation can make it more difficult for them to learn the language.

Overall, the Rosetta Stone Chinese program is an excellent way to learn the language if you have the money and time to invest into the program.

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