Want To Learn How? Speak French with Pimsleur French

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

For individuals struggling with the French language know how? Speak French is made easy with the Pimsleur French learning module. One of the major benefits of Pimsleur French is the fact that Dr. Paul Pimsleur, an expert linguistic who obtained a Ph.D. in French from Columbia University, developed it. His knowledge of the French language has resulted in a ‘how speak French ‘program that focuses on effective and relevant information when trying to speak French fluently.

Convenient Learning Method

Another benefit of the Pimsleur French method is how the program is packaged. Pimsleur uses a set of audio CD’s. This aids learners in actually using the language and is a preferred method to programs where you are forced to buy tons of grammar books, diagrams, use grammar dictionaries, and rely on drills to learn repetition. Each lesson is short and focuses on teaching conversational French, assisting learners in understanding what the language means. Areas such as asking for directions, completing introductions and travel requests are also features included.

Build Upon Knowledge

With Pimsleur French, learners don’t have to worry about information overload. To aid in the language know how, speak French fluently with pimsleur has an effective 30 programs and courses totaling less than 20 hours per course. Successive courses are more challenging which also incorporates information from previous lessons. In lesson I, students learn the very basics of the language, such as how to tell time. These early courses focus on information that would be needed to carry out a basic conversation if visiting a French speaking country .

Additional programs help with learning grammatical structure, forming larger sentences and reading the French language. The repetition of key phrases by several different speakers will help in understanding the French language accent more rapidly.

Take Anywhere

With the French audio learning from Pimsleur French you can basically learn wherever you go. These audio CDs can be turned on in the car while on the way to work or listened to while relaxing at home, students can even place in a CD player and listen while grocery shopping or running errands. These audio CDs eliminate the need to walk around carrying heavy, bulky language books and can make learning to speak French an activity even teenagers and young adults will not get bored with.

Lack of Basic Guidance

The only minor downfall to this program is that it does not offer a wide variety of products in terms of dvds, downloads and e-books.  Since only audio CDs are included, students do not get to see the words they are speaking. Making it much more difficult to learn how to read the language and offering little aid to those to students whom are visual learners. However, the pace of the program is good for beginners or those a little more advanced. The audio segments will help learners memorize words and phrases and teach them how they can be combined.

High Price

One of the areas where the Pimsleur French learning method receives a less than stellar grade is the price. A single lesson can cost several hundred dollars. Though some may find this expensive there are others who find enough information here to make the price worthwhile.

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