Ever Tried Learning Mandarin but Failed? Try Fluenz Chinese

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

There has been a lot of research put into the best and most effective way to learn a new language. While standard teaching methods will work at times majority of systems usually fail the average learner. However, when it comes to something more challenging like learning Mandarin, average programs just won’t cut it. This is where the Fleunz Chinese language learning module has really taken off. Fluenz a relatively new product is already drawing attention with its easy to use language approach. With the use of its new advance graphics and customized software, old standard methods for creating and learning Mandarin is a thing of the past.

Meets the Needs of Adults

For children, learning Mandarin is a natural easy process that doesn’t involve much frustration. Adult learners have different needs and must be able to understand what they are learning. This is why the Fluenz Chinese program focuses on offering explanations and building an understanding between the two languages. The main language exercise here is to get teenagers and adults instinctively thinking and speaking in Mandarin as quick as possible.

Fluenz also gets a star, for building a team of language experts, many graduating from Harvard and other worthy schools. These scholars have even traveled to China themselves to get a realistic and updated look at how Mandarin Chinese is being spoken. All this experience and knowledge is the firm foundations of the Fluenz language product.

A Tutor In A Software Package

The Fluenz product sessions are lead by a real teacher, who offers guidance in the Chinese language making learning mandarin a lot more bearable. This method is ideal for those going on business trips, communicating directions in Chinese or even just understanding a menu and talking to someone.

Learning the Chinese accent or tone of speaking is also a factor to consider. A lot of language programs lack this teaching technique, however this isn’t an issue with Fluenz products. Fluenz modern approach to teaching will help students learn phrases and tones in no time at all. From here, students then build up complete sentences to the point where a basic conversation would be exchanged .

How to learn Chinese with the Best of Both Worlds

Most individuals do not learn only by visual or hearing based instruction, most require a mixture of the two. The clean software interface incorporates both hearing and visual learning strategies. This way students find it easier to stay involved also finding the product to be more rewarding. In addition this product offers conversations between Chinese speakers that will help in the learning Mandarin process.The use of subtitles can help learners keep from getting frustrated and quitting when they don’t understand new words immediately. Memory workouts using vocabulary matching, reading and writing really help guide adults instead of just creating a temporary memorization of the content.

How to Learn Chinese with Combination of Learning Methods

Though learning Mandarin is made convenient by the use of a software based package, Fluenz goes a step further to offer an additional audio CD. This CD is ideal for conducting daily language workouts on vocabulary, sentence construction and learning how to put syllables together. This language information could also be downloaded or recieved through iPods or other similar devices such as podcasts. This sessions are also lead by a Mandarin tutor to cover other language issues.

A Price Worth Paying

Though Fleunz is known to be a bit high priced, its well worth it because the Fleunz Chinese package is much bigger than that offered by other language learning programs. The complete package offers over 100 hours of Learning Mandarin sessions. Importantly this program emphasizes how the tone is used when saying a word can change a whole meaning. Lastly, with a combination of reading, listening, writing, and speaking that Fluenz Chinese offers, you’ll be speaking excellent Chinese in record time.

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Sean March 19, 2010 at 12:18 pm

My friend had the Fluenz program and it is excellent software to learn Chinese. The interface of the software is also very easy to use. One of the advantages of the Fluenz program is that has also video lessons which is lacking in both Rosetta Stone Chinese.

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