How to Speak Italian Fast with One of the Best Programs – Rosetta Stone

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

To state the truth, most of us who want to know how to speak Italian don’t need the grammar rules. All we need are some basics of the language and how to speak, read and write basic Italian. If you want to learn how to speak Italian, the Rosetta Stone Fast Italian Language Program is the best way to do it.

Modus Operandi

You don’t get a long list of words or rules to learn in Rosetta Stone since the basic aim of this program is to teach you fast Italian. The best way to learn this or any other language is to learn it like a child; by looking at images and then associating those images with the words. Studies have revealed that images are easier to remember and recall. Rosetta stone also uses a speech recognition system. This system helps you to enhance your pronunciation of the words and also helps you with the right kind of accent. Moreover, it also helps in enhancing your understanding of the language as you learn to speak well. The speech recognition function helps you to test your understanding of the language and even corrects your mistakes there and then.

As far as learning how to write Italian, it can be easily learnt through Rosetta Stone. It helps you to enhance your written vocabulary as well.

Fast Italian and Easy to Use

Since it does not have the trappings associated with the other programs which help you to learn fast Italian, this program is quite simple and user friendly. Each lesson module helps you master a separate skill and is easily accessible through the menu which is quite user friendly and simple. The program also comes with a tutorial which can introduce you to the various aspects of the program. The lessons are simple to start with and build up gradually from words to phrases which allow the user to pace his learning well.

Good Points

The good points of this program are many. First and foremost, it’s simple to use. Hence, the user does not find themselves entangled in a bevy of instructions or rules. The program also uses simple tools and builds up gradually, which helps the user to get used to the language. The instant feedback mechanism of the speech recognition software corrects you immediately so that you know where you went wrong.

The customer support system of Rosetta Stone Fast Italian is quite good. You have great tutorials and FAQs which answer the simplest of the queries regarding the language and navigation. The phone and email support also comes in handy in case you have a query.


The program is simple and uses fewer tools as compared to other programs in the market. Moreover, the software is also not compatible with the portable media like MP3 Player or a PDA. The program also does not have any kind of options like chat which can help users to test their knowledge against some one who knows Italian well. Video lessons are missing as well which could do wonders for the learning process.


If you want to learn Fast Italian in an easy and a simple way then Rosetta Stone Italian is the way to go. It will help you know how to speak Italian fast and with relative ease.

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