Learn to Speak German Fluently with Rosetta Stone German

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

Actual Screen Shot of Rosetta Stone Program

Actual Screen Shot of Rosetta Stone Program

Rosetta Stone German language pack is the award-winning software that introduces a more convenient yet effective solution to Learn to Speak German fast. Usually, learning a second language takes time. It requires a sustained period of time to have you fully immersed to the instructions and applications of the language. However, by using all the resources that are most likely at your disposal, this language learning tool makes sure that you acquire the essential skills in reading, comprehending, writing and speaking in German at the shortest possible time.

Key Features to Learn to Speak German

Rosetta Stone Learn to Speak German language pack was created to offer a true immersive learning experience. It promotes learning that is flexible in terms of time and usage. Written below are its strategies in establishing a strong foundation in learning the German language:

Audio : In carrying thousands of vocabulary words, this German language pack includes practice speaking segments that enables you to hear a native speaker speaking in German, which is helpful in working out your voice, pronunciation and the German accent which is a key component to learn German fluently.

Text : The package provides study reading and writing opportunities, which is a great learning follow-up to your Audio German instructions. Through its provided readings, you can easily gain understanding or proper word and term usage and aid you in enriching your German vocabulary day by day.

Video : The video instructions included in the program places you in an immersive environment where you can experience what it’s like to actually speak the language. This learning tool has proven effective in assisting language learners to effectively learn German.

Flexibility : The program adjusts to your learning needs, not the other way around. It helps you determine and focus on your problem areas through exercises, which usually involves reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Rosetta Stone German language pack is a unique online learning option that presents a more convenient yet effective solution to successful bilingualism with the German language.

Pros and Cons

This Learn to Speak German language pack basically replicates the give and take nature of learning our native language. It uses thousands of carefully selected pictures to help you learn the skills of determining context meanings of German terms and words. It presents a careful sequenced process of building phrases, sentences and dialogs out of the daily German words it introduced.

The program does not require memorization or translations. It does not require the use of lists and drills to learn German words. Rather, it makes use of picture associations, which is more effective in mastering basic German vocabulary. Its reading comprehension exercises run parallel to the comprehension of speech. It even develops reading skills by presenting written text without spoken-language support.

Perhaps the only problem with Rosetta Stone Learn to Speak German language pack is that it leaves you on your own to learn the language. Compared to language classes, you are left to monitor your own progress and be responsible for all the supplemental learning that you need. However, with the program’s comprehensive presentation of German language instructions, it leaves little room for disappointments in learning a new language.

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