Learn Spanish Fluently with Spanish Lesson Plans from Pimsleur

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

Pimsleur offers language learning in dozens of languages, with Spanish lesson plans being one of the most popular. Though there are a lot of programs with Spanish lesson plans, those who take the Pimsleur approach are always satisfied with the results. Using Audio CDs, learners quickly get absorbed in Spanish, hearing the correct accent for learning the language, and becoming immersed in conversations led by native speakers. The unique memory recall method of the Spanish lesson plan offered by Pimsleur makes it an approach everyone trying to learn Spanish should consider.

Learn Incredibly Fast

Pimsleur prides itself on providing Spanish lesson plans that even those who have struggled with Spanish can quickly grasp. Students who had trouble in high school or those who paid for a Spanish lesson plan online will find that Pimsleur works and does it rapidly. Pimsleur promises that in only 10 days anyone will start speaking Spanish. Pimsleur offers Spanish lessons designed for adults and a separate program designed just for children.

Credible History

A number of Spanish plans offered online have no verifiable information of who created the course. This leaves many learners with programs that simply copy each other and just charge higher prices than their competitors. To truly master the language, a Spanish lesson plan should be created by an expert in the Spanish language.

The Pimsleur approach was created by an accomplished linguist using a four method approach. Using memorization, anticipation to decide how to respond when communicating with someone who speaks the language, learning the core vocabulary and making the Spanish plan integrated into the speakers brain, allowing the language to become second nature, without struggling to memorize a ton of new information.

Range of Prices

Pimsleur Spanish lesson plans are not the cheapest on the market, but there is no doubt that the program works. To make the program more affordable for those with less funds, Pimsleur offers a variety of different Spanish programs to choose from. A $20 program, called Quick & Simple offers eight lessons in Spanish.

For those who are really trying to immerse themselves in the language the Comprehensive Level I program is ideal but covers a price tag of around $275. The price is no higher than full lesson plans offered by other companies. In addition, the Pimsleur method offers Spanish lessons on everything from carrying on a conversation to giving directions and grasping how to read and sound out Spanish words. This comprehensive program is designed for those who want to become fluent in the language and includes over 16 hours of instruction. A free study guide and sight reading booklet help with word mastery and help those who require visual learning and don’t do well with just audio based teaching. Audio CD’s are portable and can be transferred between the car, home stereo or in the computer CD player, to learn everywhere.

Each lesson builds upon information reviewed in the previous lesson to help the user become fluent in Spanish. More advanced Level II and Level III audio programs are provided for intermediate and advanced language learners as well. Ordering Pimsleur Spanish lesson plans comes with a guarantee. After purchasing, students can return their Spanish lesson plan within 30 days to get a full refund.

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