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If you are about to work with Japanese professionals or in Japan, taking Japanese language lessons is a must. However, these lessons never come cheap. The growing demand for Japanese-speaking professionals explains the cost of learning to speak Japanese. Thankfully, modern technology has provided people with more affordable and flexible options for taking Japanese language lessons.

On costly Japanese courses

Self-learning programs like Rosetta Stone Japanese gives you plenty of quality Japanese learning information in ways that are easiest to understand. Although programs like this are expensive, they provide visually focused and intuitive Japanese language lessons that make learning a new language a lot easier. For further learning flexibility, the Rosetta Stone package also includes audio CDs, giving you convenient access to all your Japanese language lessons whenever and wherever you are. It’s a convenient, easy-to-follow and step by step guide to learning Japanese. It will also teach you how to hold actual Japanese conversations and understand Japanese sentence structures in no time.

Rosetta Stone Language Course

Compared to other Japanese courses out there, courses like Rosetta Stone Japanese are relatively expensive. However, they compensate their value with comprehensive discussions and Japanese language lessons, which establish a great foundation for learning Japanese.

On budget-friendly Japanese courses

Usually, budget constraints limit one’s learning opportunity. This is particularly true when it comes to learning Japanese. Japanese language lessons are never cheap, but that was until budget-friendly Japanese courses introduced effective crash courses for learning Japanese. For instance, the computer-assisted and web-based learning programs of Rocket Japanese provide an excellent and practical platform for learning to speak and write Japanese. Professionals as well as students will sure benefit from this program.

Rocket Japanese involves computer-assisted learning exercises and audio Japanese language lessons to facilitate effective and faster learning. Although the lessons you get from this program can also be earned from cheaper Japanese beginner’s book, its real value lies from its audio lessons, which practically allows you to hear and learn the correct pronunciations of colloquial Japanese words and phrases. The program also takes an interactive approach to testing your grasp of your Japanese language lessons, testing your vocabulary and comprehension skills via grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Expensive vs. Cheap Japanese Lessons

When most people get easily turned off by expensive CD courses, Rosetta Stone Japanese proves to be a great alternative to taking actual Japanese language lessons from the university or from language tutors. However, this comprehensive Japanese learning program is relatively more expensive than equally competitive programs such as the Rocket Japanese. One thing great about Rocket Japanese is that it offers additional guidance for its users via web forums. When Rosetta Stone has its top-rated self learning approaches and techniques to learning Japanese, Rocket Japanese has its website and forums where learners can consult their study concerns and relate with other Japanese language learners.


In your quest of gaining career or learning advantage or improving your credentials and professional background, you will need to decide on which Japanese courses to take. The rule of thumb is finding suitable and great valued courses that will help you learn to speak and understand Japanese at your own pace and within your budget.

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The Learn in your Car Spanish Complete Language Course Mon, 01 Nov 2010 23:59:36 +0000 Miriam G Price

Learn in Your Car Spanish Complete Language CourseAnyone who is looking for a collection of beginner learn Spanish lessons CD collection will find the Learn in Your Car Spanish Complete Language Course (Spanish Edition) by Henry N. Raymond ideal for building a strong foundation to learning Spanish. This 14-CD program will provide you with the recommended instructions that will help you attain expert level Spanish in a lot less time.


This Spanish Complete Language Course starts with beginner level grammar and vocabulary. In addition to its language fundamentals, it provides sufficient exercises and guidance for pronunciation. The program also enjoyed the technologies offered by the 21st century, re-recording and updating the lessons of its previous versions with fresh voiceovers. It also includes words and terms of contemporary currencies and usages such as cell phones, internet and computer in its vocabulary and grammar discussions.

Unlike other audio courses, this 14-CD learn Spanish lessons program will not require the use of supplemental learning materials like textbooks, which you will need to buy separate from the CD program package. This standalone Spanish Complete Language Course starts with Level 1 lessons, teaching key words and phrases as well as basic grammar skills and conversational phrases. Level 2 lessons are geared to expand vocabulary and introduce new grammar concepts, which apply to day-to-day conversations. Level 3 lessons are designed to broaden the student’s vocabulary base and deliver more advanced grammar skills to enrich his skills in conversing in Spanish. All 14 CDs will give you 9-hour comprehensive learn to speak Spanish discussions with 3 booklets of recorded text for reference and other notes. It also comes with a complementary zippered CD wallet DVD travelogue.

Effective and Convenient Learn Spanish Lessons

The chief learning feature of the Learn in your Car Spanish Complete Language Course is its comprehensive educational approach to introducing grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. It basically targets the crucial points of learning a foreign language by allowing ease of use and convenience in the reception of lessons. Since the lessons can be played right at your home or car stereo, you can attain continuous learning anytime and anywhere.

Final Words

In reality, most of those who wanted to learn to understand and speak Spanish are either working or living a hectic schedule between work and school. In this case, leisure time seems to be the only time that most people can spare to learn new skills. Instead of signing up for tutors or regular Spanish classes, the audio CD lessons of this Spanish Complete Language Course provide everyone a practical and workable solution to learning a new language. More importantly, this learn Spanish lessons gives everyone a great opportunity to make an exciting intellectual venture right at the comfort of your own free time and within the conveniences of your car or home.

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Why is an Expensive German Course more Practical? Mon, 11 Oct 2010 21:51:04 +0000 Miriam G Price

Rosetta Stone German Level 1 & 2 Set with Audio Companion

Rosetta German

Some people find it easy to learn the German language. Some get easily stuck at the middle of German language learning and simply give up. With the innovative and easy learning strategies offered by Rosetta, Rocket or the Pimsleur German language course programs, anyone can learn to speak and understand German in no time. The effectiveness of a German language course is perhaps a question on which learning material to take. People who are looking for flexibility in terms of time and usage turn to language learning programs accompanied with audio discussions and computer-based exercises to conveniently learn the language. Many of these programs cost around $100 to $550, although you can also buy manuals and books for as low as $20. However, cheap German language learning materials lack the guidance, multi-level and innovative learning techniques that more expensive German courses offer.

How do German language course programs help you learn fast?

Adult learners usually complain that German language learning is complicated and difficult. Perhaps their lessons move too fast that they find it difficult to keep up. German language course programs like Rocket German allow you to learn German at your own learning pace. It packs its programs into 30-minute easily digestible lessons, which makes your quest for German language learning more flexible. In addition, the program also signs you up to a lifetime membership to its website’s members’ area, which allow note creation for students, marking off lessons as completed and helping learners stay on track.

Rocket German

Rocket German

If you are a beginner, courses like Rosetta Stone will provide you with a package that provides enough reading and writing opportunities. With enough exercise and exposure to the language, you can consistently follow up your audio German instructions. Rosetta Stone also provides learning tools like videos and speech exercises to help you build a new vocabulary without memorization. Through its multi-level exercises, you can build your German skills with greater efficiency and with ease.

Now if you are looking for a German language course that will give you thorough but hassle-free learning, you can try the Pimsleur formula. Pimsleur German is actually patterned from the language learning strategies used by the FBI. Its comprehensive and multi-level learning courses start from essential vocabulary and grammar lessons and move on to more advanced lessons depending on your learning progress. This course makes sure that you accomplish valuable German skills in each level of learning.

pimsleur german

Pimsleur german

What about cheap German courses?

You can never catapult learning by simply buying a $20 book. Somehow, you will find out that the material have deficiencies. It could be an appendix or grammar discussion that could have helped you understand certain areas of discussions. Hence, cheap courses will actually make you spend more on buying more supplementary learning materials.

Advantages of more expensive German courses

A complete German learning course pack will provide you with an immersive learning experience. It provides an equally effective alternative to German classes and German tutors, which demands more of your time and money. When learning a foreign language takes time, these programs keep all your lessons and learning materials at your disposal. This way, you can learn whenever and wherever you are. Although complete German language course programs are relatively expensive, they provide every material and lessons needed to help you learn German. It will not lead you to buy more workbooks as these courses can stand alone in making you a bilingual in the shortest possible time.

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Effective Chinese Language Courses for Less Wed, 25 Aug 2010 22:22:49 +0000 Miriam G Price

Integrated Chinese: Level 2 Part 2 Textbook (Chinese Edition) [Paperback]It takes so much to learn a foreign language like Chinese. Thankfully, there is a plethora of Chinese language courses and supplemental learning materials that are conveniently available for you to use. Learning Chinese is a wise investment as it will reward you with polished communication skills that will help you relate to people across cultures. For someone whose job involves dealing with Chinese-speaking individuals or Chinese culture studies, taking Chinese language courses must not be an option as it is essential for both your personal and career growth.

Integrated Chinese

The Integrated Chinese paperback is a self-learning textbook series that is designed to help students. Now in full color, the design presents a fully updated series of Chinese language courses that include daily vocabulary lessons, superior cultural coverage, assorted group of characters and more additional communicative and interactive exercises. For your learning convenience, it makes use of a realistic storyline to link all the lessons and practice all the Chinese language skills that you have learned in each level.
Colloquial Chinese The Complete Course for Beginners (Colloquial Series) [Paperback]
At about $50 value, Integrated Chinese gives you a comprehensive grounding of learning a foreign language with coordinated practice in the four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Simplified yet traditional, Integrated Chinese is a great material to study with.

Colloquial Chinese

From its complete Chinese language courses for beginners’ colloquial series, Colloquial Chinese is a book that is sold individually as part of a pack, each costing around $27. As the book’s name implies, its colloquial and natural take in discussing Chinese language lessons diverts from the conventional teaching approaches. It mainly focuses on your listening skills although each chapter is concluded with writing exercises. This is because as its discussion progresses, you will rely more on Chinese characters and less on English. Using this book in conjunction with a language lesson will set you off a good start.

Caveman Languages Mandarin Chinese Course
Caveman Languages Mandarin Chinese Course
The Caveman Languages Mandarin Chinese course offers to teach you Chinese words and phrases at $27 cost. It includes simplified discussions on Chinese grammar, structure and conjugation. It even customizes the discussion on situations like dealing with street signs or asking for directions. Caveman is all about survival or getting by in Mandarin Chinese. Although it lacks the thorough discussions that other books have, it teaches you basic and usable Chinese words and phrases that native speakers actually use.


If you are looking for a well-structured self-learning Chinese program, you can go for the Integrated Chinese textbook series. This is an ideal choice for students who need to survive the semester learning Chinese as a course requirement. If conversational Chinese is what you want to learn, go for the Colloquial Chinese. Now if you simply want to survive the streets of this beautiful oriental country, learn to improvise with actual Chinese conversations and road signs with Caveman Languages.

Chinese learning need not be expensive

It could be a Chinese holiday vacation or a business trip. Whatever your reason for learning to speak Chinese may be, you will sure need help in gaining mastery of the language. If you cannot afford the time or money to commit to long complicated Chinese programs, taking the short route to learning is easy with great-valued books for Chinese language courses. You can actually find comprehensive learning materials at under $50 value. Integrated Chinese Textbook, Colloquial Chinese and Caveman Languages are three of the market’s top-rated Chinese learning books, which you can conveniently use to learn to understand, speak and write without breaking the bank.

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Budget-Friendly Italian Language Learning Tue, 27 Jul 2010 01:52:15 +0000 Miriam G Price

SmartItalian Audio Cds Beginner

Get One Today

The advent of Italian language learning software has made it easy for everyone to customize their journey towards becoming a bilingual. The comprehensive discussions of Italian language learning books about Italian vocabulary, grammar, phrases and sentences are helpful among beginners. Also, they are equally helpful for those who wanted to polish their Italian language skills. Hence, if the cost of Italian language lessons or Italian language learning software goes way beyond your budget, Italian learning books can give you cheaper options for learning Italian fast.

Cheap Italian Learning Options

You can actually manage to learn Italian under a tight budget. At less than 50-dollar cost, materials like Smart Italian, Caveman languages and Routledge Italian learning offers you a comprehensive learning companion.

The SmartItalian Learning Package

For about $30. Get one

For about $30. Get one

The SmartItalian learning package, which comes with 4 Italian language learning CDs and booklet, gives you simplified Italian language lessons from real Italians and native Italian speakers. It will help you learn a new language while developing your listening skills. When the audio CDs provide you with audio instructions, the booklet gives you the transcript and translations of your Italian language lessons. It is designed to help you learn through active sensory comprehension methods. It basically trains you to listen to the language as a way of effectively learning the various aspects of the language.

Caveman Languages Italian Course

The Caveman Languages Italian course presents a realistic and practical solution to learning Italian at much lower cost. At less than 30-dollar value, its instructions immerses you into the beauty of the Italian language, teaching you basic key words and phrases that most native Italian speakers use in actual conversations. Although Caveman Language do not promise to make you fluent in Italian, it gives you enough skills in handling situations when you need to speak and listen to pure Italian messages.

Routledge Intensive Italian Workbook

Get one Now for less than $30.

Routledge intensive Italian workbook

The Routledge intensive Italian workbook gives you loads of task and exercises that can help you learn to handle actual functions and situations when you need to speak in Italian. The workbook allows its students to independently learn and monitor their learning progress through a series of instructions and exercises. For those who are looking for comprehensive Italian language learning books, the Routledge intensive Italian workbook gives adult beginners an accelerated course of Italian language lessons.

Pros and Cons

SmartItalian believes that to understand and learn Italian language, one must first learn how to listen well to conversations. Through its audio lessons, you will be taught how to follow, understand and respond to actual Italian conversations. The Routledge intensive Italian workbook closely copies the learning formula used by language software. In addition to its simplified Italian language learning lessons, its number of exercises is enough to prepare you to participate in actual Italian conversations the way native speakers do. Although the discussions of Caveman languages are somewhat limited, they are enough to help tourists or travelers learn some important Italian words, phrases and sentences that they can use during their Italian holiday.


Italian language learning is not only limited to expensive language classes and language learning software programs. You can also customize your learning experience and schedule with the use of some great-valued learning materials. When you can enjoy decent Italian language lessons with SmartItalian, Caveman Language and Routledge Italian books and workbooks, you can actually turn yourself into a bilingual at less than 50-dollar cost.

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Budget-Friendly Japanese Language Courses Tue, 06 Jul 2010 02:24:45 +0000 Miriam G Price

The Japanese Stage-Step Course Workbook 1 (Kindle Edition)Budget constraints usually hinder learning opportunities. Surely, learning Japanese never comes cheap. With the decision to learn Japanese, there are actually a number of choices for Japanese language courses but only few are budget-friendly. You need to pay for your instructor’s time professional teaching skills to get a basic Japanese language course. There are also web-based and computer-assisted Japanese language courses, but they still cost much. Thankfully, there are cheaper yet useful Japanese learning materials that you can use to learn basic Japanese. At your own learning convenience and pace, these materials can help you turn yourself into a bilingual fast and easy.

The Japanese Stage-Step Course Workbook 1

The Japanese Stage-Step Course is one of the cheaper yet fully integrated references of Japanese language courses. Its learning discussions and exercises starts from the beginner’s level to intermediate Japanese. Using a combination of cohesive and simplified instructions as well as functional examples, it helps build a strong foundation where you can easily develop new reading, listening, writing and speaking skills using the Japanese language. To develop these skills, the workbook includes sufficient exercises that will hone one’s Japanese speaking, writing, listening and writing skills. It even has an extensive cross-referencing with other Japanese grammar textbooks, which will guide you in doing helpful readings regarding your lessons.

Cheap Japanese Language Courses

Get one Now

Get one Now

Not low cost and cheaper valued learning materials are no good. In fact, buying the suitable yet cheaper learning material can yield huge savings in your quest to improving your credentials, skills and professional background. Just like any other Japanese language course, the effective and comprehensive approaches of top Japanese books such as The Japanese State-Step Course Workbook, Ultimate Japanese and Japanese complete course can help turn you from a beginner to advanced Japanese speaker, all at under $50 cost.

Ultimate Japanese: Advanced

The Ultimate Japanese paperback is basically one great reference material for Japanese language courses. Its clear and interesting basic to advanced Japanese lessons is very effective, particularly on first time Japanese learners. Unlike other Japanese learning materials, it puts equal focus on grammar, romanji writing as well as daily Japanese speech. It introduces plain speech guidelines that are helpful in giving you instructions on the proper usage of some Japanese terms. More importantly, the book makes use of great dialogs and practical situations as examples for its instructions as well as exercises.

Japanese Complete Course: Basic-Intermediate, Compact Disc Edition
apanese Complete Course: Basic-Intermediate, Compact Disc Edition (LL(R) Complete Basic Courses) [Abridged, Audiobook] [Audio CD]
For those who wanted to get a quick handle of the Japanese language, the Japanese Complete Course paperback is dedicated to provide students with the basic mechanics of the language. Along with the audio CD discussions, this serves as a great complement to faster Japanese learning. This Japanese language course book provides you with instructions that will guide you on your progress as a beginner , intermediate to an advanced Japanese student.

Completing your Japanese learning experience with this book will help you learn fast and impress your bosses and Japanese speaking friends and colleagues in no time.

Cheap Books Offer Excellent Learning Opportunities

Just like other self-learning Japanese language courses, the effectiveness of cheap yet helpful Japanese learning books will depend on your discipline and efforts to learning the language. It would depend on how consistent and diligent you are in keeping at your learning routine. For those who wanted to learn Japanese but do not have the money to do so, these $30 to $50 valued books offers excellent learning opportunities that stays within your budget.

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Introducing Two Chinese Language Learning Programs Mon, 28 Jun 2010 20:53:30 +0000 Miriam G Price

Rocket Chinese language softwareChina is considered to be one of the most crucial drivers of the world economy. In addition to this, Chinese people can be found in almost all corners of the world. This worldwide presence combined with the might of the Chinese economy has lead to many fallout effects such as the Chinese currency and their language becoming more important on a global scale. Resultantly, a lot of entrepreneurs and businessmen have become interested in learning Chinese. This can be done through the various types of Chinese language learning packages available in the market. If you have ever tried looking for a Chinese language learning site you will know that there are many such packages on the internet.

Of the many such packages, two that stand out are the Rocket Chinese language learning and the Rosetta Stone Chinese. The biggest difference between these two Chinese language learning packages is the fact that they employ differing techniques to achieve the same goal. While Rocket looks to help the user remember things through mugging them up and translating them, Rosetta Stone tries to teach the language through the immersion technique which allows the user to understand the language intrinsically. Both these techniques of these Chinese language learning modules have their advantages and disadvantages.

Which Chinese Language Learning Package is Faster?

The learning curve is often the more important criteria for a lot of language students, especially if they are learning the language in order to facilitate communication with their clients or suppliers. If you use Rocket Chinese then you will learn the language much faster than through most other Chinese language courses. In contrast, learning through Rosetta Stone Chinese will probably take you longer.
Which Chinese Package is More Comprehensive?

There are also people out there who would value the quality and the depth of their language skills more than how quickly they can learn it. These are people who are planning to move to a Chinese speaking country, trying to communicate better with a loved one, or any other situation that demands extensive language skills. Chinese learned through Rocket means that you will be able to handle the day to day conversations well enough but will find yourself wanting in a deeper, extended conversation. This is the advantage with Rosetta Stone. It tries to teach Chinese like you learned your native language, be it English, Spanish or any other language. Hence, Rosetta Stone takes a lot of time but tries to make you well equipped to handle the intricacies of the language even in rare situations.

What is the Conclusion?

Your decision to choose which Chinese language learning module is entirely dependent on why you want to learn the language. For example, if you are learning the language only to be able to converse with your clients or suppliers who are based in China then Rocket is a better solution for you. But, if you are looking to move to some Chinese speaking country then Rosetta Stone Chinese language course will make you better prepared to fit into the Mandarin culture.

Therefore, you need to take into account the fact that while Rocket is faster, Rosetta Stone is more comprehensive. Both of these are extremely important qualities in a Chinese language learning program for any learner.

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In-Depth: French in Action Review Mon, 21 Jun 2010 04:32:38 +0000 Miriam G Price

French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture, Second Edition: Audio ProgramFrench in Action gives you an interesting French language course that works great for home or self-study and supplementary French language learning. Its immersion approach to its lessons will help you learn French fast and easy.

The French in Action Program

French in Action is an immersion French language course that is designed to help you learn French fast. It incorporates videos and audio lessons that are delivered using the French language. Unlike any other home and self learning language programs, it does not include English explanations and translation of its discussions, except on its introductory video lessons. This way, finishing its early sections of French lessons will pay you off handsomely with new vocabulary words and understanding of the succeeding lessons. To keep you interested, it uses a variety of learning materials to effectively help you learn French fast.

Good Points

To avoid being repetitive, the video lessons of French in Action are interlaced with hundreds of brief clips from French films and TV commercials to help you learn French fast. It even uses French newspaper clippings and comic to emphasize the context of the lessons being discussed. In addition to video lessons, audio instructions are also provided to help you improve your pronunciation, speech as well as comprehension of common French phrases, sentences and vocabulary words. If you are taking college or high school French language course, French in Action can be a great help if you want to learn French fast. As you proceed to the more advanced lessons of this French language course, you will be given a nice overview of the French culture. It even covers a discussion on different regions of France.

French in Action uses picture-word associations and a variety of materials to hasten learning. Also, with its vocabulary lessons, it uses purely French language in its instructions. This way, whenever you encounter words like “poisons”, you will be thinking of its French meaning and not the English word. Another advantage that this program enjoys is that it manages to teach the language as a person in France would. It immerses you into the language so you can easily pick up correct pronunciation of words.  Lastly, Professor Pierre Capretz’s quirky and charming personality adds to the attraction of this learn French fast program.

Weak Points

Just like any other learn French fast courses, French in Action suffers some minor drawbacks. Since it uses French instructions with no English translations or explanations, it gets very easy to be frustrated and disappointed at its lessons when only a few points are understood. Since this program is designed to be viewed for multiple times, it tends to become repetitive. Thankfully, each lesson is introduced by mini-soap opera show episodes that also introduces the context of the lesson being discussed to keep you interested. Another weak point is that this fine self-learning course is fairly costly. It requires its users to have workbooks, text books or study guide to make sense of its video lessons.


Overall, French in Action is one of the best French language courses that you can find. However, if you intend to use it for home self-study, you may need to spend money on its materials like workbook, study guide, audio tapes and textbook.

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French in Action -The Right French Language Course Wed, 16 Jun 2010 04:53:25 +0000 Miriam G Price

French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture, Second Edition: Audio Program , Part 1 [Audiobook, CD] [Audio CD]Picking the right French language course is the key to learning the language at a fast. With that said, French in Action gives you a comprehensive and intuitive French learning program that will teach you to speak and write in French in no time.

Developing your ability to communicate in French can be a real challenge. But with the immersion French language course offered by French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture, you can easily learn French fast. It contains 52 video lessons that basically give you a language course that use the teaching methods similar to those observed in universities. Unlike other French language course programs, it delivers its lessons completely in French with no English translations or explanations to deliver an immersive learning style.


About 20 years ago, Pierre Capretz, a French professor at the Yale University, managed to create an immersion French language course that involves audio, video, text, study guides and workbooks. To give the language program a different treatment and spin, it incorporates a French mini-series with a continuing story that expands in all its 52 video lessons. It uses this story-telling approach to provide the user with an intuitive program that uses social situations and adventures that provide context for learning the language.

How does French in Action Work?

Each video lesson starts with a 6 to 8 minute run of the program’s French mini soap opera. The next 20 minutes are spent on formal French language course discussions explaining the context shown by the mini-drama episode that introduced the lesson. Each episode introduces and covers the topic discussed in the video.

As you proceed with the next lessons, you will be given grammar discussions and an overview of the different regions of France. To keep the discussions more interesting, it also uses French film clips, cartoons, news clippings and television commercials to reinforce the point in each lesson. And since the key to learn French fast is immersion, it does not include English translations and explanations except in the first episode of the series.

Also, in each episode of French in Action, there are a number of words that are featured and written at the bottom of the screen. In that particular episode, those words will be used, making it easy for you to retain the feature words and gradually build French vocabulary. Also, memorizing the featured words makes it easy for you to understand the subsequent episodes. In addition to vocabulary words, each episode also features a short 2-minute dialog that is repeated a number of times, pausing long enough for you to repeat it on your own.


French in Action encourages learning through active participation in increasing your fluency in French. It uses a proven-effective language immersion method, which is presented with a mini soap opera drama show that is followed by an on-camera discussion. The only downside of this material is that you need to secure its study guide and workbook to make sense of its discussions. But for a home and self study language course, French in Action is certainly one effective French language course that can help you learn French fast.

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Two Exceptional Italian Language Courses – Rocket and Rosetta Stone Tue, 15 Jun 2010 04:59:40 +0000 Miriam G Price

It’s hard to sort through the variety of Italian language courses being offered today and find the one that will work for you. What works for one person doesn’t always work for the next, which is why there are a few different Italian language courses being proclaimed the “best” on the market today. To make the decision a bit easier for you, we will review and compare two of the bestselling Italian language lessons on the market right now. One is a software program while the other is an internet based learning program comprised of audio files and a series of innovative language games.
Rocket Italian
Which will work for you?

Rocket Italian language lessons

Yet, Rocket does redeem itself and becomes highly competitive when you take into account the series of three interactive games. These games are not only fun to play, they are educational as you learn to speak and comprehend the Italian language. These games are great for building vocabulary and many users will find them invaluable, especially since they can add new words to the program to continue learning.

You also get a virtual workbook program which teaches a variety of language and culture concepts which are rather helpful for those visiting an Italian speaking nation or hanging out with native Italian speakers.

Rosetta Stone Italian Language Courses
Rosetta Stone Italian Level 1, 2 & 3 Set with Audio Companion
The Rosetta Stone Italian lessons includes five levels and covers everything. Starting from very basic introduction to the starter vocabulary right up to advanced level comprehension. And finally speaking the language that will prepare anyone for real interactions with native Italian speakers. The great thing about these Italian language courses is they are designed to immerse students in the full native language right from the start. Users are exposed to lots of real-time conversations with native speakers, which ensure they will not just learn individual vocabulary words but will be able to string them together and understand it when others speak the words together.

Immersion Learning

The Rosetta language lessons includes vivid pictures, written words, and audio files that help students identify with the language in simulated real world situations. This is considered immersion learning technique where a student can pick up the vocabulary and relate it to the spoken words with pictures and objects. When one level has been passed the next level is ready to be tackled so there is a built-in reward system that is motivating to many learners.

Rocket Italian vs Rosetta Stone

When you look at the Italian language courses offered by Rocket Italian alone they do not come anywhere near competing with the Rosetta Stone Italian language lessons. While Rosetta Stone includes vivid pictures and interactive features as the basic format, Rocket Italian offers a series of audio files which do not have a visual component. These audio lessons claim to be interactive but they are nowhere near as interactive as the Rosetta Italian language lessons.

Final Recommendation

Which of these two Italian language courses is right for you ultimately depends on your learning style. For those who learn by seeing or by associations. The Rosetta Stone Italian language lessons will work perfectly. For those who need games and a lot of creative approaches to build vocabulary, then the games that come with Rocket Italian may be the perfect fit.

The main difference between these programs is that Rosetta is a comprehensive software program while Rocket Italian is more of an interactive online learning system made up of individual components designed to be comprehensive when all tools are used together consistently.

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