Without Leaving Home – Take Advantage of the Rosetta Learn Japanese Software

by Miriam G Price on June 8, 2010

If there is a name in language study that could be trusted, it is Rosetta Stone. This has been the leading name in home study for generations and they continue to place highly competitive immersion-style language learning software on the market. Rosetta’s Learn Japanese software has been receiving glowing remarks from consumers and industry professionals alike, so what can you expect from their Learn Japanese software?

When you teach yourself you can unlock the mysteries of the Japanese language without investing in:
* Expensive college courses
* Personal tutors
* Ineffective books or lists for memorization

Rosetta Teaching Style

The Learn Japanese software from Rosetta Stone teaches through immersion. This simply means you are shown pictures of real life objects with words and are played audio files with native speakers talking to you. Visual cues help you determine what is being said. You learn much as a Japanese baby would learn: by connecting repetitive sounds with pictures.

The great thing about this type of Japanese language lesson is you never have to sit around trying to memorize words. You are learning through interactions and simulated real life situations. This is more effective if you actually want to learn the language and how it is supposed to be spoken, rather than just knowing individual words. Another feature that works very well is how you pass from one level to another. You start with level one and when you pass interactive testing you are passed on to level two. No one is holding you back or pressuring you to move forward. It’s a stress-free learning environment.

Level One

In the Rosetta Lean Japanese software Level One you start to get a sense of how the language works along with some beginning vocabulary. The vocabulary tends to include a lot of greetings, which you need to know right off for any language you learn to speak.

Level Two

This is where you get to the knowledge that most people who are traveling to Japan for a short vacation will want to know. You build upon your former vocabulary base, adding in the question and answer forms. You learn how to ask basic questions that may be used on vacation, such as where the restroom is. Your vocabulary increases substantially through this level.

Level Three

For those who aren’t just preparing for a quick vacation and really have a sincere interest in speaking the Japanese language fluently, this will be the level that takes the knowledge home. It will give a deeper understanding of the language and build up the vocabulary, moving on from the vocabulary learned in the first two levels.

Someone who completes the Rosetta Japanese language lesson plan should be able to understand a lot of what is being said when real speakers talk. What is impressive about Rosetta’s teaching style is you hear real speakers talking at full speaking pace, so you get used to hearing it and aren’t struggling when you hear real native speakers talking to you.

This product is recommended for learners who want to learn how to actually hold conversations in Japanese. Memorizing can give you some words to remember, but it will not teach you to actually speak and comprehend the Japanese language like this immersion style program does.

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