Two Exceptional Italian Language Courses – Rocket and Rosetta Stone

by Miriam G Price on June 15, 2010

It’s hard to sort through the variety of Italian language courses being offered today and find the one that will work for you. What works for one person doesn’t always work for the next, which is why there are a few different Italian language courses being proclaimed the “best” on the market today. To make the decision a bit easier for you, we will review and compare two of the bestselling Italian language lessons on the market right now. One is a software program while the other is an internet based learning program comprised of audio files and a series of innovative language games.

Which will work for you?

Yet, Rocket does redeem itself and becomes highly competitive when you take into account the series of three interactive games. These games are not only fun to play, they are educational as you learn to speak and comprehend the Italian language. These games are great for building vocabulary and many users will find them invaluable, especially since they can add new words to the program to continue learning.

You also get a virtual workbook program which teaches a variety of language and culture concepts which are rather helpful for those visiting an Italian speaking nation or hanging out with native Italian speakers.

The Rosetta Stone Italian lessons includes five levels and covers everything. Starting from very basic introduction to the starter vocabulary right up to advanced level comprehension. And finally speaking the language that will prepare anyone for real interactions with native Italian speakers. The great thing about these Italian language courses is they are designed to immerse students in the full native language right from the start. Users are exposed to lots of real-time conversations with native speakers, which ensure they will not just learn individual vocabulary words but will be able to string them together and understand it when others speak the words together.

I mmersion Learning

The Rosetta language lessons includes vivid pictures, written words, and audio files that help students identify with the language in simulated real world situations. This is considered immersion learning technique where a student can pick up the vocabulary and relate it to the spoken words with pictures and objects. When one level has been passed the next level is ready to be tackled so there is a built-in reward system that is motivating to many learners.

Rocket Italian vs Rosetta Stone

When you look at the Italian language courses offered by Rocket Italian alone they do not come anywhere near competing with the Rosetta Stone Italian language lessons. While Rosetta Stone includes vivid pictures and interactive features as the basic format, Rocket Italian offers a series of audio files which do not have a visual component. These audio lessons claim to be interactive but they are nowhere near as interactive as the Rosetta Italian language lessons.

Final Recommendation

Which of these two Italian language courses is right for you ultimately depends on your learning style. For those who learn by seeing or by associations. The Rosetta Stone Italian language lessons will work perfectly. For those who need games and a lot of creative approaches to build vocabulary, then the games that come with Rocket Italian may be the perfect fit.

The main difference between these programs is that Rosetta is a comprehensive software program while Rocket Italian is more of an interactive online learning system made up of individual components designed to be comprehensive when all tools are used together consistently.

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