French in Action -The Right French Language Course

by Miriam G Price on June 16, 2010

Picking the right French language course is the key to learning the language at a fast. With that said, French in Action gives you a comprehensive and intuitive French learning program that will teach you to speak and write in French in no time.

Developing your ability to communicate in French can be a real challenge. But with the immersion French language course offered by French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture, you can easily learn French fast. It contains 52 video lessons that basically give you a language course that use the teaching methods similar to those observed in universities. Unlike other French language course programs, it delivers its lessons completely in French with no English translations or explanations to deliver an immersive learning style.


About 20 years ago, Pierre Capretz, a French professor at the Yale University, managed to create an immersion French language course that involves audio, video, text, study guides and workbooks. To give the language program a different treatment and spin, it incorporates a French mini-series with a continuing story that expands in all its 52 video lessons. It uses this story-telling approach to provide the user with an intuitive program that uses social situations and adventures that provide context for learning the language.

How does French in Action Work?

Each video lesson starts with a 6 to 8 minute run of the program’s French mini soap opera. The next 20 minutes are spent on formal French language course discussions explaining the context shown by the mini-drama episode that introduced the lesson. Each episode introduces and covers the topic discussed in the video.

As you proceed with the next lessons, you will be given grammar discussions and an overview of the different regions of France. To keep the discussions more interesting, it also uses French film clips, cartoons, news clippings and television commercials to reinforce the point in each lesson. And since the key to learn French fast is immersion, it does not include English translations and explanations except in the first episode of the series.

Also, in each episode of French in Action, there are a number of words that are featured and written at the bottom of the screen. In that particular episode, those words will be used, making it easy for you to retain the feature words and gradually build French vocabulary. Also, memorizing the featured words makes it easy for you to understand the subsequent episodes. In addition to vocabulary words, each episode also features a short 2-minute dialog that is repeated a number of times, pausing long enough for you to repeat it on your own.


French in Action encourages learning through active participation in increasing your fluency in French. It uses a proven-effective language immersion method, which is presented with a mini soap opera drama show that is followed by an on-camera discussion. The only downside of this material is that you need to secure its study guide and workbook to make sense of its discussions. But for a home and self study language course, French in Action is certainly one effective French language course that can help you learn French fast.

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