In-Depth: French in Action Review

by Miriam G Price on June 21, 2010

French in Action gives you an interesting French language course that works great for home or self-study and supplementary French language learning. Its immersion approach to its lessons will help you learn French fast and easy.

The French in Action Program

French in Action is an immersion French language course that is designed to help you learn French fast. It incorporates videos and audio lessons that are delivered using the French language. Unlike any other home and self learning language programs, it does not include English explanations and translation of its discussions, except on its introductory video lessons. This way, finishing its early sections of French lessons will pay you off handsomely with new vocabulary words and understanding of the succeeding lessons. To keep you interested, it uses a variety of learning materials to effectively help you learn French fast.

Good Points

To avoid being repetitive, the video lessons of French in Action are interlaced with hundreds of brief clips from French films and TV commercials to help you learn French fast. It even uses French newspaper clippings and comic to emphasize the context of the lessons being discussed. In addition to video lessons, audio instructions are also provided to help you improve your pronunciation, speech as well as comprehension of common French phrases, sentences and vocabulary words. If you are taking college or high school French language course, French in Action can be a great help if you want to learn French fast. As you proceed to the more advanced lessons of this French language course, you will be given a nice overview of the French culture. It even covers a discussion on different regions of France.

French in Action uses picture-word associations and a variety of materials to hasten learning. Also, with its vocabulary lessons, it uses purely French language in its instructions. This way, whenever you encounter words like “poisons”, you will be thinking of its French meaning and not the English word. Another advantage that this program enjoys is that it manages to teach the language as a person in France would. It immerses you into the language so you can easily pick up correct pronunciation of words.  Lastly, Professor Pierre Capretz’s quirky and charming personality adds to the attraction of this learn French fast program.

Weak Points

Just like any other learn French fast courses, French in Action suffers some minor drawbacks. Since it uses French instructions with no English translations or explanations, it gets very easy to be frustrated and disappointed at its lessons when only a few points are understood. Since this program is designed to be viewed for multiple times, it tends to become repetitive. Thankfully, each lesson is introduced by mini-soap opera show episodes that also introduces the context of the lesson being discussed to keep you interested. Another weak point is that this fine self-learning course is fairly costly. It requires its users to have workbooks, text books or study guide to make sense of its video lessons.


Overall, French in Action is one of the best French language courses that you can find. However, if you intend to use it for home self-study, you may need to spend money on its materials like workbook, study guide, audio tapes and textbook.

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