Introducing Two Chinese Language Learning Programs

by Miriam G Price on June 28, 2010

China is considered to be one of the most crucial drivers of the world economy. In addition to this, Chinese people can be found in almost all corners of the world. This worldwide presence combined with the might of the Chinese economy has lead to many fallout effects such as the Chinese currency and their language becoming more important on a global scale. Resultantly, a lot of entrepreneurs and businessmen have become interested in learning Chinese. This can be done through the various types of Chinese language learning packages available in the market. If you have ever tried looking for a Chinese language learning site you will know that there are many such packages on the internet.

Of the many such packages, two that stand out are the and the Rosetta Stone Chinese. The biggest difference between these two Chinese language learning packages is the fact that they employ differing techniques to achieve the same goal. While Rocket looks to help the user remember things through mugging them up and translating them, Rosetta Stone tries to teach the language through the immersion technique which allows the user to understand the language intrinsically. Both these techniques of these Chinese language learning modules have their advantages and disadvantages.

Which Chinese Language Learning Package is Faster?

The learning curve is often the more important criteria for a lot of language students, especially if they are learning the language in order to facilitate communication with their clients or suppliers. If you use Rocket Chinese then you will learn the language much faster than through most other Chinese language courses. In contrast, learning through Rosetta Stone Chinese will probably take you longer.

Which Chinese Package is More Comprehensive?

There are also people out there who would value the quality and the depth of their language skills more than how quickly they can learn it. These are people who are planning to move to a Chinese speaking country, trying to communicate better with a loved one, or any other situation that demands extensive language skills. Chinese learned through Rocket means that you will be able to handle the day to day conversations well enough but will find yourself wanting in a deeper, extended conversation. This is the advantage with Rosetta Stone. It tries to teach Chinese like you learned your native language, be it English, Spanish or any other language. Hence, Rosetta Stone takes a lot of time but tries to make you well equipped to handle the intricacies of the language even in rare situations.

What is the Conclusion?

Your decision to choose which Chinese language learning module is entirely dependent on why you want to learn the language. For example, if you are learning the language only to be able to converse with your clients or suppliers who are based in China then Rocket is a better solution for you. But, if you are looking to move to some Chinese speaking country then will make you better prepared to fit into the Mandarin culture.

Therefore, you need to take into account the fact that while Rocket is faster, Rosetta Stone is more comprehensive. Both of these are extremely important qualities in a Chinese language learning program for any learner.

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