Effective Chinese Language Courses for Less

by Miriam G Price on August 25, 2010

It takes so much to learn a foreign language like Chinese. Thankfully, there is a plethora of Chinese language courses and supplemental learning materials that are conveniently available for you to use. Learning Chinese is a wise investment as it will reward you with polished communication skills that will help you relate to people across cultures. For someone whose job involves dealing with Chinese-speaking individuals or Chinese culture studies, taking Chinese language courses must not be an option as it is essential for both your personal and career growth.

The Integrated Chinese paperback is a self-learning textbook series that is designed to help students. Now in full color, the design presents a fully updated series of Chinese language courses that include daily vocabulary lessons, superior cultural coverage, assorted group of characters and more additional communicative and interactive exercises. For your learning convenience, it makes use of a realistic storyline to link all the lessons and practice all the Chinese language skills that you have learned in each level.

At about $50 value, Integrated Chinese gives you a comprehensive grounding of learning a foreign language with coordinated practice in the four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Simplified yet traditional, Integrated Chinese is a great material to study with.

From its complete Chinese language courses for beginners’ colloquial series, Colloquial Chinese is a book that is sold individually as part of a pack, each costing around $27. As the book’s name implies, its colloquial and natural take in discussing Chinese language lessons diverts from the conventional teaching approaches. It mainly focuses on your listening skills although each chapter is concluded with writing exercises. This is because as its discussion progresses, you will rely more on Chinese characters and less on English. Using this book in conjunction with a language lesson will set you off a good start.

Caveman Languages Mandarin Chinese Course

The Caveman Languages Mandarin Chinese course offers to teach you Chinese words and phrases at $27 cost. It includes simplified discussions on Chinese grammar, structure and conjugation. It even customizes the discussion on situations like dealing with street signs or asking for directions. Caveman is all about survival or getting by in Mandarin Chinese. Although it lacks the thorough discussions that other books have, it teaches you basic and usable Chinese words and phrases that native speakers actually use.


If you are looking for a well-structured self-learning Chinese program, you can go for the Integrated Chinese textbook series. This is an ideal choice for students who need to survive the semester learning Chinese as a course requirement. If conversational Chinese is what you want to learn, go for the Colloquial Chinese. Now if you simply want to survive the streets of this beautiful oriental country, learn to improvise with actual Chinese conversations and road signs with Caveman Languages.

Chinese learning need not be expensive

It could be a Chinese holiday vacation or a business trip. Whatever your reason for learning to speak Chinese may be, you will sure need help in gaining mastery of the language. If you cannot afford the time or money to commit to long complicated Chinese programs, taking the short route to learning is easy with great-valued books for Chinese language courses. You can actually find comprehensive learning materials at under $50 value. Integrated Chinese Textbook, Colloquial Chinese and Caveman Languages are three of the market’s top-rated Chinese learning books, which you can conveniently use to learn to understand, speak and write without breaking the bank.

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