Why is an Expensive German Course more Practical?

by Miriam G Price on October 11, 2010

Rosetta German

Some people find it easy to learn the German language. Some get easily stuck at the middle of German language learning and simply give up. With the innovative and easy learning strategies offered by Rosetta, Rocket or the Pimsleur German language course programs, anyone can learn to speak and understand German in no time. The effectiveness of a German language course is perhaps a question on which learning material to take. People who are looking for flexibility in terms of time and usage turn to language learning programs accompanied with audio discussions and computer-based exercises to conveniently learn the language. Many of these programs cost around $100 to $550, although you can also buy manuals and books for as low as $20. However, cheap German language learning materials lack the guidance, multi-level and innovative learning techniques that more expensive German courses offer.

How do German language course programs help you learn fast?

Adult learners usually complain that German language learning is complicated and difficult. Perhaps their lessons move too fast that they find it difficult to keep up. German language course programs like Rocket German allow you to learn German at your own learning pace. It packs its programs into 30-minute easily digestible lessons, which makes your quest for German language learning more flexible. In addition, the program also signs you up to a lifetime membership to its website’s members’ area, which allow note creation for students, marking off lessons as completed and helping learners stay on track.

Rocket German

Rocket German

If you are a beginner, courses like Rosetta Stone will provide you with a package that provides enough reading and writing opportunities. With enough exercise and exposure to the language, you can consistently follow up your audio German instructions. Rosetta Stone also provides learning tools like videos and speech exercises to help you build a new vocabulary without memorization. Through its multi-level exercises, you can build your German skills with greater efficiency and with ease.

Now if you are looking for a German language course that will give you thorough but hassle-free learning, you can try the Pimsleur formula. Pimsleur German is actually patterned from the language learning strategies used by the FBI. Its comprehensive and multi-level learning courses start from essential vocabulary and grammar lessons and move on to more advanced lessons depending on your learning progress. This course makes sure that you accomplish valuable German skills in each level of learning.

Pimsleur german

What about cheap German courses?

You can never catapult learning by simply buying a $20 book. Somehow, you will find out that the material have deficiencies. It could be an appendix or grammar discussion that could have helped you understand certain areas of discussions. Hence, cheap courses will actually make you spend more on buying more supplementary learning materials.

Advantages of more expensive German courses

A complete German learning course pack will provide you with an immersive learning experience. It provides an equally effective alternative to German classes and German tutors, which demands more of your time and money. When learning a foreign language takes time, these programs keep all your lessons and learning materials at your disposal. This way, you can learn whenever and wherever you are. Although complete German language course programs are relatively expensive, they provide every material and lessons needed to help you learn German. It will not lead you to buy more workbooks as these courses can stand alone in making you a bilingual in the shortest possible time.

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Peter D October 12, 2010 at 3:51 pm

I put my vote in for Rosetta Stone. It’s methodologies are awesome!
It can also be done inexpensively if you do a little searching. I found it through a college’s online language learning program ( http://www.cbcwebcollege.com/shopcart ) and it includes all the levels of German.
I found it’s a great way to learn, especially if you’re just starting out. As a bonus, I like having the headset so that it corrects my pronunciation.

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