Two Ways to Learn with Japanese language Lessons

by Miriam G Price on November 30, 2010

If you are about to work with Japanese professionals or in Japan, taking Japanese language lessons is a must. However, these lessons never come cheap. The growing demand for Japanese-speaking professionals explains the cost of learning to speak Japanese. Thankfully, modern technology has provided people with more affordable and flexible options for taking Japanese language lessons.

On costly Japanese courses

Self-learning programs like Rosetta Stone Japanese gives you plenty of quality Japanese learning information in ways that are easiest to understand. Although programs like this are expensive, they provide visually focused and intuitive Japanese language lessons that make learning a new language a lot easier. For further learning flexibility, the Rosetta Stone package also includes audio CDs, giving you convenient access to all your Japanese language lessons whenever and wherever you are. It’s a convenient, easy-to-follow and step by step guide to learning Japanese. It will also teach you how to hold actual Japanese conversations and understand Japanese sentence structures in no time.

Rosetta Stone Language Course

Compared to other Japanese courses out there, courses like Rosetta Stone Japanese are relatively expensive. However, they compensate their value with comprehensive discussions and Japanese language lessons, which establish a great foundation for learning Japanese.

On budget-friendly Japanese courses

Usually, budget constraints limit one’s learning opportunity. This is particularly true when it comes to learning Japanese. Japanese language lessons are never cheap, but that was until budget-friendly Japanese courses introduced effective crash courses for learning Japanese. For instance, the computer-assisted and web-based learning programs of Rocket Japanese provide an excellent and practical platform for learning to speak and write Japanese. Professionals as well as students will sure benefit from this program.

Rocket Japanese involves computer-assisted learning exercises and audio Japanese language lessons to facilitate effective and faster learning. Although the lessons you get from this program can also be earned from cheaper Japanese beginner’s book, its real value lies from its audio lessons, which practically allows you to hear and learn the correct pronunciations of colloquial Japanese words and phrases. The program also takes an interactive approach to testing your grasp of your Japanese language lessons, testing your vocabulary and comprehension skills via grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Expensive vs. Cheap Japanese Lessons

When most people get easily turned off by expensive CD courses, Rosetta Stone Japanese proves to be a great alternative to taking actual Japanese language lessons from the university or from language tutors. However, this comprehensive Japanese learning program is relatively more expensive than equally competitive programs such as the Rocket Japanese. One thing great about Rocket Japanese is that it offers additional guidance for its users via web forums. When Rosetta Stone has its top-rated self learning approaches and techniques to learning Japanese, Rocket Japanese has its website and forums where learners can consult their study concerns and relate with other Japanese language learners.


In your quest of gaining career or learning advantage or improving your credentials and professional background, you will need to decide on which Japanese courses to take. The rule of thumb is finding suitable and great valued courses that will help you learn to speak and understand Japanese at your own pace and within your budget.

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