Learning How: Speak Japanese with Rocket Languages Today

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

Easy Japanese lessons are not always easy to find especially if you are looking for lessons that are going to provide you with a complete overview of the language quickly. Many people look into how speak Japanese and get put off by the complexity of written and verbal nuances. However, there are programs out there that can help supply conversational Japanese as well as an introduction to grammar and written language at the same time.

Our Recommendation (CD Pack)

The Rocket Japanese program has a number of benefits as well as disadvantages, which should be considered when looking into a program to teach how speak Japanese. Some of the benefits include the fact that the program provides easy to understand lessons as well as presenting written transcripts.

These written transcripts are not just in English but also in Romaji and the characterized Japanese script. Romaji is basically Romanized Japanese making it easier to read, this is often used for phonetic pronunciation. Hiragana and Kanji make up characterized Japanese and learning both at the same time is important.

The program also provides cultural training and exposure. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of the program. The advantage is that there is some exposure to a culture, which is filled with traditions that are often expressed verbally. The disadvantage is that the amount of information presented in only 31 lessons is not extensive enough to provide coverage for everything.

6 Part- Rocket Japanese
Box Set- Rocket Japanese


Box Set- Rocket Japanese

(CD Pack)

Benefits of Rapid Programs – How Speak Japanese

Taking the time to learn a language or even the basics of culture and greetings can make a huge difference in the reception you get when doing business and it is important to know that in Japanese culture honorifics are essential when doing business and separating yourself from the crowd.

Having an application that provides you with the basic language skills, a cultural overview, access to writing and even software applications can help you learn the language and how to interact with the people.

There are several downsides to this program, though they are seemingly small downsides. The music is outdated as are some of the animations. Modern Japanese culture has changed and one of the ear marks of an up to date and modern program is going to be graphics and presentations. Japanese culture has changed and continues to change with the increase of Western influences.

There are a number of options for learning how speak Japanese and easy Japanese programs. When looking for a program to offer you the opportunity to quickly learn Japanese the program should be up to date, introduce culture and writing as well as introduce the most common dialect. Common phrases should also be included in both written and spoken Japanese as well as how to find things and honorifics. Honorifics are an essential part of Japanese culture and business. A language program should include these elements as well as presenting lessons in written, audio, and visual formats.

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