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by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

Learning fast Japanese  lessons does not have to be difficult in fact you can learn it to the conversational level in 10 days with the Pimsleur Japanese audio programs. This is one of the top of the line products, used by government organizations to train individuals to be able to speak and understand a particular language quickly.

This particular easy fast Japanese  course tutorial lesson program is designed primarily as an audio based program with document support. Usually this program is set up with the audio script and transcript to allow you to read along while hearing. This gives you some reading practice but you will end up needing some background in the written language in order to be able to understand it.

This program itself because it is primarily audio based may not work for some people who may be more at home with interactive or visual learning. However, instead of teaching vocabulary, then grammar and structure, it teaches complete phrases. This does have the benefit of making it possible to learn a great deal of commonly used phrases quickly.

By learning phrases rather than individual words you can pick up enough to hold a decent conversation and be able to get along in most situations that you might encounter in basic business, shopping or tourist activities.


The disadvantages of this particular program is; it is limited to primarily audio. Unlike some programs that include software interaction this program is strictly an audio based program. It is based off the premise of how children initially learn a language ,which is through sound.

Pimsleur Japanese course presents entire phrases, which is what children hear and how they learn. The program however is a fast Japanese  lesson paced and designed to present a large amount of information in a short period of time. This can be a disadvantage to visual learners or individuals who work best with hands as  learning techniques.


There are some advantages to this type of program as well. The program does offer the ability to learn a language to conversational level in a short period of time. It is quite good for people who are looking to enjoy a trip and be able to interact with locals and enjoy sights that are not listed as tourist spots but are spots of interest in local stories or places of local events. Even restaurants that are of the beaten path and excellent fares are some things that can be found through conversations with locals. This is just the type of extra you can have on a business trip which  makes an impression or can turn a vacation into something extraordinary.

Pimsleur Japanese course is easy and fast Japanese lesson online programs that are effective are difficult to find. This program is one that has been used by governments to help provide essential personnel with the information and skills they need to get around in the country they are visiting. The program is audio based and can be cost prohibitive considering the fact that most language programs are audio based programs. However, this Japanese course program seems to be one that shows exemplary results over its competition.

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