Learn How: Speak German with Ease Using Pimsleur German

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

With around 200 million speakers of German, those who want to learn German can find plenty of chances to interact with native speakers in Europe and throughout the world. The West Germanic language is spoken in Germany but business persons and travelers will also find that German is an official language of Austria and Switzerland.

The strong economic backgrounds of these countries make it important that business professionals learn German. German grammar and syntax can sometimes put individuals off of learning the language. These are just some of the reasons why you should learn German. The next question is how? Speak German fluently with the right language pack is important. One program that is great for staying encouraged to learn German is Pimsleur, which offers audio CD’s in the German language.

Our Recommendation

Brand Recognition

With over 50 languages added to its catalogue, the Pimsleur language learning method is one that many who want a fast German language pack might turn to. Why and How? Speak German Pimsleur has a long and well recognized history and its scientific approach is well documented and commented on by those who have successfully used the program as well as a variety of magazines and other periodicals which have reviewed the learn German program Pimsleur has.

Try Out a Sample

One of the benefits of using Pimsleur to learn German is being able to try out the program before making a large financial commitment. Pimsleur provides a free German lesson for those who choose to register at their Web site; allowing individuals to see if immersing themselves into the language will help them better grasp the difficulty of German.

Financial Issues

Prices with Pimsleur are also flexible, basic packages start as low as $12, the more expensive conversational German language pack helps students progress to intermediate and advanced speakers of the language. Like other programs to learn German, practice focuses on areas that provide fast progress; such as learning to make introductions. Individuals who are already proficient German speakers but could use a refresher would also benefit from Pimsleur audio tracks that review German vocabulary. Three levels are included in Pimsleur German, with each German language pack offering 30 different lessons with extensive hours of practice.

Price Issues

As much as there is about Pimsleur to recommend, the price is extremely high. Though those who have a lot of disposable income may be able to afford the product, most individuals will find the German language pack is priced a little too high for their budget. Similar programs by Rocket German and other manufactures offer a similar immersion in the language at a fraction of the price. However, for those who are willing to pay the price or save up for a few months the interactive audio CDs can be listened to again and again and remain a useful aid to help learn German.

Know How: Speak German PimsleurBenefits

The Pimsleur German language pack works so well because it makes the learner use their brain power. Pimsleur is not a simple memorization or recital method. Because German assigns genders (consisting of masculine, feminine or neutral to words) and cases (nominative, genitive, dative, and accusative) learners find it difficult to memorize and learn German. The question that comes to mind is how? Speak German Pimsleur focuses on organic learning through interaction with the teacher on the German audio disc. Allowing students to listen as their brain absorbs information and gets a comprehensive knowledge of German.

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