Can You Really Learn German? Take an Easy German Lesson Today with Rocket Languages

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

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Looking for a reason to learn German? Having troubles finding a good German lesson plan? The German language is one of the most popular languages used on the Internet and a large number of scientific publications are first published in German. Even though German does not have the number of speakers as English, Chinese or French, those who learn German are aware of the fact that Germany has one of the strongest economies in industrialized nations and is one of the largest exporters in the world. This is just one of the reasons why the German language is so popular.

Why Learn the German Language?

Businesses that can communicate with German speaking nations will have an edge in international relations and when forming international business partnerships.

For those who seek immediate results, buying a Rocket German Lesson language pack is an innovate approach to learn German for businesses or individuals who are fascinated by the German language.

The Rocket Difference

Adult learners often complain that German is complicated to learn. Stating that courses and language learning centers that teach German move too fast into complex grammar and genders of nouns before taking the time to guide learners. With Rocket German, the learner gets to slow down and work at a pace where they get to lead – reviewing the information or practicing basic words and phrases until they feel comfortable. The Rocket German language pack groups lessons into easily digestible short programs covering 30 minutes.

Programs Offered by Rocket German Lesson Program

With the premium Rocket German purchase, learners get 25 minute audio lessons, grammar direction and understanding of noun genders. The native German speakers are entertaining and know how to motivate the listeners, using engaging stories to have them focusing on what is happening before they even realize they are learning German. A member’s area on the Website allows note creation for students. As they learn German this can be used for studying, creating study guides, or developing custom lists of vocabulary words. Lessons can also be marked off as completed, helping learners stay on track.

By far, the best feature of the Rocket German language pack is the community feature. Members get access to a forum where they can speak to German linguists and others studying the language. This allows members to form study groups or just ask questions about information they do not understand.

6 Part- Rocket German

Box Set- Rocket German


Box Set- Rocket German

(CD Pack)

Picking the Best Deal

Price wise the Rocket German lesson language pack is pretty competitive. Similar programs are usually two or three times more expensive. Learners can choose to download the program directly from the Web. Over a broadband internet, connection adults can download, install and start playing the software in less than one hour, much better than waiting days or weeks for the program to arrive by mail. Prefer hard copies such as discs will be disappointed at how much more expensive the hardcopy version is. However, the benefit of Rocket German far outweighs the hefty price.

Nothing to Lose

Because adults just do not have a lot of free time to study German, they will learn German faster with the 30 minute lesson plans used in the Rocket German lesson language pack. Advanced grammar study can be purchased at an additional price. With a full two months to try out the product and return if found unsatisfactory, there is almost no reason not to purchase the downloadable version of Rocket German. The purchase of Rocket German includes a guarantee that buyers will progress past beginners in the language in only eight weeks.

– The Ultimate Guide To Learning German

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