How to Speak German with the Berlitz Language Program

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

Those who learn German get greater access to the richness of the German culture. The German language has a large presence in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland. For example, German writers contributed classic works from the German Renaissance of the 1400s and 1500s; as did German Enlightenment writers and writers post Nazi leadership. So the question is, how to speak German? Berlitz Premier German is a great language program that offers a popular software download to reduce the confusion that tends to occur when trying to learn German.

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How to speak German with Berlitz?

The Berlitz German Premier German language pack is a software product developed by Nova Publishing. Nova has over 10 years of experience in creating language learning software and other popular titles include Spanish and Italian. The Berlitz Brand has an even longer reputation, through hundreds of language learning centers all around the world. Berlitz has helped millions of individuals learn German among other languages.

With longevity in the business that is almost unbeatable, learners are assured they are choosing a program that works with a well researched method of making German less complicated. A common complaint however among those using the Berlitz German package is the program is to advanced for beginners. Listeners are immediately introduced to complex sentences in German instead of gradually increasing the difficulty and explaining information in English.

Easy Listening

Berlitz German really delivers by making the software portable. Allowing users to take it with them and adapt it to any situation and different electronic devices by burning to a CD or mp3 player as well as interacting on the computer after downloading the software. Unlike other learn German products, users can pay one low price to get the complete program, making it great for those with few cash options but needing to learn German to advance at work or school. Though some programs can cost more than the cost of a new computer, Berlitz German can be downloaded or purchased on CD after paying around $40.

How to Speak German with Fast Progress

Studies have shown, that adults just do not learn the same way that children do, and though it would seem that adults might require less stimulation, this is not really accurate. When dealing with languages, a longer German language pack or course that focuses on drills and hours of intense practice just takes away all motivation to keep working. In addition, adults often have less time then young children to learn German.

Speedy immersion in the language can occur with Berlitz, in part because of its speech analysis program helps to learn German. Adult learners can simply listen to a word or phrase in German, record their repetition of the word and playback to gauge their own performance and get a pitch perfect accent. With the adult learners taking charge and interacting with the software instead of just listening to words repeat, they are engaged and getting the full experience.

Software Offers Audio and Video Guidance

Because learning is software based not audio, those seeking to learn German get to see and hear the native German speakers, making watching the German language pack similar to watching an episode of a TV show. Inclusion of software based vocabulary flashcards, videos and the ability to slow down the dialogue to fully hear with is being said is an unbeatable value. Vocabulary exercises featuring word lists are also great for those who want to get the basics of the language down and and know ho to speak German.

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