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by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

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By far, Mandarin Chinese is the most popular Chinese dialect to learn. This popular fast chinese dialect has over 700 million native speakers and is the most widely used in the world. Those who look to learn Mandarin do so for business purposes, travel plans, college, careers or just want to learn it as a hobby. The main strength of this course is that it allows them to effectively progress from one lesson to another. Even though this is one of the more difficult languages to learn, Pimsleur Chinese keeps up the students interests and motivation. If you are one of the many whom are already frustrated with other Chinese learning courses, you might appreciate the more simple yet effective audio lessons offered by the Pimsleur Chinese program.

Understanding Fast Chinese

Fast Chinese refers to the programs ability to quickly absorb new learners into a language. This program is great because it teaches students words and phrases without first focusing on issues of grammar, sentence structure and other rote methods of learning. This is where Pimsleur Chinese really works well. Learners will naturally pick up vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar as they listen to the audio programs in the voices of native speakers. Since individuals don’t even learn their native language by first reviewing grammar and vocabulary, this method of learning how to speak Chinese works. After completing all three levels or lessons in the program, students should be able to carry out conversations in chinese.

Small Lessons Big Results

With Pimsleur Chinese programs, progress happens so rapidly because the program simplifies the learning process. Those who have experience learning a new language in schools know just how much time is spent on learning the background of a language before a word of the language is even taught.

In Pimsleur, fast Chinese is the goal and to achieve this, the program immediately introduces Chinese vocabulary. The short 30 minute lessons work to keep up interest in the language. The repetition from native audio speakers helps in memorization and creates a non-intimidating, relaxed way of learning how to speak Chinese.

Meet the Difficulties of the Chinese Language

Pimsleur Chinese helps you learn fast Chinese by giving you a great training program. Through various program activities, audio programs, and on the go cd tracks, you can learn while working out at the gym, eating lunch at work or while driving. This will gradually allow you to get use to the rhythms, pronunciations and tone of the language. Because Chinese is a language based on tones, it is extremely important for those trying to learn fast Chinese to pick up on the different tones.

Not Enough on Its Own

An unfortunate aspect of the Pimsleur learning method is that, it is only done through audio. Learning Chinese characters is not a part of the program and neither are visual elements. Those who need to look at Chinese symbols in order to learn will be disappointed.Upon completion of this course,you will become an expert at the basics. While you will be well versed with ordering a meal and asking for directions, you would still need another language learning course, one with visuals, audio and book learning to become an expert in the Chinese langauge

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