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by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

Transparent Language’s Complete French Learning Suite is a French tutorial program, primarily aimed at those who wish to learn fast French. There are a number of solid features to be found in this French tutorial.

Basic Overview

The Complete French Learning Suite is set up to allow learners with little or no knowledge of the French language to ease into their French tutorial program. They have put together software with a full array of multimedia learning techniques. This is an effective approach because learning a language on a multimedia-type interface mirrors real life conversations. This great program has all the required presentations on one single product.This saves a lot of money as there is no need to invest in more French books, videos and even audio cds.

Learning the French Vocabulary

You can learn hundreds of the most-used French words, and even add new words to a personalized data list.This product implements the best possible strategy which builds your vocabulary, this French tutorial program is conducted under the “immersion” method. In this way, rather than learning French abstractly in a way that will not be retained, you will get your “whole mind” and your bodily senses involved by translating thought and feelings into French. For anyone who wants to learn fast French, this is definitely the way to go.

One of the ways in which this is achieved is through the use of French language games. These games involve not just French words, but also the French history and culture. Knowing history and culture is very important to learning and knowing a language. This is done to enable your mind to relate words and concepts within different spheres of the french world.

This program also allows you to test your pronunciations of words against those who are native French speakers. This enables you to develop a good accent which helps to make yourself understood more clearly.

However, like all products there are a few negative feedbacks. Some say this product is really not a very effective French tutorial program at all. Also, some say that the software is hard to navigate through, and that the teaching methods used here dont suit them. Some have also criticized this program for translating everything into English too readily, making it hard to actually have the “immersion” experience.

But others have pointed out that although the program can be difficult to figure out in the very beginning, once a little familiarity is established it becomes very easy and user-friendly in no time. As to the complaints about lack of effectiveness, it should be remembered that some people are not very good at learning on their own and learn best from another person such as a live teacher. This is probably not a software program for everyone, but then again is there one that is? The Complete French Learning Suite on the whole is a solid French tutorial program, and many users will be able to learn fast French and take it beyond that, too.

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