Learn Spanish Easy Using a Learning Suite

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

With the popularity increasing throughout the world today to learn a second language, many people choose Spanish as their secondary language of choice. There are many ways to practice and learn the Spanish language, but if you’d like to learn Spanish easy then it’s absolutely essential to obtain some type of package that gives complete information on the Spanish alphabet, word pronunciations, as well as conversational tones and advice. There are multiple products on the market today offering students and individuals the chance to learn the language. One that has a good reputation with helping individuals learn Spanish easy is the Complete Spanish Learning Suite.

Components of the Complete Spanish Learning Suite

There are five products in total consisting of lessons in Spanish included with the Complete Spanish Learning Suite by Transparent Language. This learning suite contains just about everything that any new student needs to learn Spanish easy. For example, the Everywhere Spanish audio course book, the LinguaMatch Phrasebook, the Translation Dictionary, the Learn Spanish Now package, and the Spanish BYKI Deluxe are all included with the suite of resources by Transparent Language.

Pros of the Complete Spanish Learning Suite

The five components of the learning suite package are designed for students of the Spanish language to engage in activities, learn the Spanish alphabet pronunciation, and other lessons in Spanish to become confident enough to speak the language fluently. The BYKI Deluxe part of the package allows students to master simple-to-difficult Spanish words focusing on the range of vocabulary used in the language.

A few other great additions included with the Complete Spanish Learning Suite are the chance to see and hear Spanish vocabulary with the Learn Spanish Now part of the package. Students are able to use the video resources to practice conversations as well as really immerse themselves in the Spanish language. In addition to the video resource, there are multiple games and Spanish activities that will really test one’s knowledge and ability to speak and understand the Spanish foreign language.

Disadvantage of the Learning Suite

On the other hand, a disadvantage of the Complete Spanish Learning Suite is that someone who is just starting out may feel a little intimidated by all 5 products. Even though all the resources that are needed to learn Spanish easy are included with the package, in order to fully utilize and take advantage of the tools available, one has to use all five products. In this instance it may have been more beneficial to combine the lessons in Spanish from the Complete Spanish Learning Suite into a single product with all the games, vocabulary, and practice exercises available instead of splitting them up into multiple parts.

Altogether, however, using the Complete Spanish Learning Suite to the maximum will enable the individual to be able to learn Spanish quickly and efficiently. The vocabulary exercises, Spanish games, as well as video and audio resources are all included with this package by Transparent Language to help the learning Spanish student. With the myriad of products included with the learning suite, it should be not very difficult to try to master the Spanish language in a short amount of time.

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