How to Learn Chinese The Rocket Way

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

In 2004, over 350,000 people had been taught a new language using Rocket Languages program. These Rocket Language Courses are renowned for taking boring grammar language practice and drills, making them fun and easy to understand. How to learn Chinese with rocket languages is a popular choice due to the tremendous positive feedback people have about this product. Learning mandarin with this popular package will have you and your friends conversing in Chinese within only a few weeks of consistent practice.With this well thought of language guide, how to learn Chinese has never been made easier to follow.

Free Sample

When it comes to taking the first leap of faith, Rocket Languages steps up to the plate offering a free how to learn chinese course. This free audio program comes in a 6-day trial format. Each new lesson is sent by email everyday during the free trial.Transcripts of the conversations are in English and Chinese characters are provided to aid in learning process. There is no obligation to the free trial and subscribers do not have to worry about being spammed or having to commit to making a purchase.

What Students Receive

The complete Rocket Chinese Premium pack comes with direct immersion techniques to have learners communicating Chinese words and phrases almost immediately. This premium package includes 112 hours of Chinese language divided over 31 tracks. Illustrated grammar and cultural lessons are also included to maximize your learning potential.

Lessons are practical in nature allowing the learner to fill part of a real life classroom.Our Rocket Chinese is excellent in providing you with quality teaching techniques.Upon completion of the course you would have confidence to talk to Chinese neighbors, take a tour of China, shop at Chinese markets and even conduct business deals with clients from China.

To help memorize words, a fun audio vocabulary game is included. This allows learners to adjust to the language in a fun way, also students will be able to set an adjustable pace, suited to their needs. Whats great is that this audio lessons can be listened to while going for a morning jog or when stuck in traffic. Purchasing the product also provides access to the forum, where adult learners can interact with Chinese native speakers and Chinese teachers for a question and answer session.

6 Part- Rocket


Box Set- Rocket Chinese
Box Set- Rocket Chinese

(CD Pack)

Price Reduction

Most how to learn Chinese products also come with a steep price tag, of several hundred dollars. Rocket Languages however, offers two payment methods that would help reduce the cost associated with the purchase. First option is through the instant download at the Rocket Languages Web site whereby the learning Mandarin course is just under a $100, no other program can compare to this low price. For those who want to listen while doing other activities the downloaded tracks can be burned to CD. However, the price of the complete Rocket Chinese program or learning mandarin program on audio CD is similar to that offered by other how to learn Chinese programs.


With most programs selling how to learn Chinese packages, once you pay for the product, there is no chance of getting a refund, even if the product does not work as planned. Rocket Languages backs up its commitment to quality and service by offering a full 60-day money back guarantee.

In all, Rocket Languages has incredible value that does exactly what it promises to do, make learning Mandarin a simple process. If there is any drawback to the program, it is that there is too much variety. The program is designed to work from those with no knowledge of the language to advanced levels. Learning Mandarin and the use of subtitles prevents learners from getting frustrated and quitting when they don’t understand new words immediately. Workouts using vocabulary matching, reading and writing really help guide adults instead of just creating a temporary memorization of the content. All in all rocket Chinese is definitely worth it.

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