Learn Spanish Fast with Lingo Basics Courses In Spanish

by Miriam G Price on August 10, 2009

It is common for courses in Spanish to cost three hundred dollars or more and for a lot of people; this price is just too steep. The biggest pro for Lingo Basics is the fact that learners can learn Spanish fast and only pay around $50, often less than the price of buying a full tank of gas. At $50 this is a price that companies can use to teach multiple employees the language or for use by individuals trying to become bilingual to find more employment opportunities. Teenagers can also afford this price, using Lingo Basics courses in Spanish to help turn around failing grades in school.

Learn Spanish Fast

Taking courses in Spanish at a local community college or through other online portals typically means at least two months of intensive study before students start to be able to carry on conversations with learners. Lingo Basics really delivers here in getting beginners speaking at an intermediate level after one month of use. For this to happen however, learners have to commit to daily practice.

Only a Basic Program

Of course, to some individuals the limited ability of the program may not be worth even this much. Lingo Basics covers basic phrases in Spanish, pronunciation, numbers, directions, colors, months, years and other common areas of language learning. However, this information is provided through a downloadable eBook. Though eBooks might be useful to compliment courses in Spanish, but only so much language learning can be done by reading a book.

Lack of Audio

The lack of any audio programs will make it very difficult for those seeking to learn Spanish fast to understand how to pronounce words or understand how natives speak the language, as well as making it harder to develop a proper accent in Spanish. Though Lingo Basics courses in Spanish are completely self guided the lack of direction will make it hard for most individuals to do more than pick up some of the more basic words and sentences in the language. However, fans of the program have pointed out that learners can listen to Spanish speaking TV and radio programs to quickly get an audio immersion in the language. This is often more accurately reflecting how the language sounds, than prerecorded audio lessons.

Purchase With Caution

Though the price of Lingo Basics is incredible, buyers should be aware that you get what you pay for. Like any other Spanish learning software, careful research should be done to ensure you are getting your moneys worth. Buyers should proceed with caution, if deciding to buy the program, buying other Spanish learning courses might also be done at the same time to help learn Spanish fast. Lingo Basics also offers buyers a 60 days money back guarantee which makes it really good. All in all, for the price you pay and what you get from it, Lingo Basics Spanish gives really great courses in Spanish. With it, you are able to learn Spanish fast.

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