About Us

LanguageCoursesCentral.com is the brain child of Miriam G. Price, a stay at home mother of four and an entrepreneur. The idea of a review site for different languages and learning programs came about one evening while trying to teach her son Spanish. After searching online for a language program to help her out, she came to the conclusion that there was just not enough information and resources out there on any one site to do this. This is where the idea for LanguageCoursesCentral.com came from.

Over the years, Miriam G. Price has gone through a lot of research and training to provide the best and most accurate information for this website. The different languages covered on languagecoursescentral.com are Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese and Chinese.

LanguageCoursesCentral.com provides the following for all their languages and language programs:

• Accurate and Unbiased Information and Reviews

• Up-To-Date Reports and Resources

• The Very Best Language Programs and Software’s

• Wide Selection of Languages and Language Programs

Here at LanguageCoursesCentral.com we only provide you with information on the best available language courses out in the market. It is our mission to provide everyone with enough information to make the right choice in language software’s and products. Whether it is a program for Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese or Chinese, we are sure that our site has all the information needed for people to base their choices on.

This website will not contain reports and information that read like advertisements. We aim to make what we give as in-depth and non-biased as possible. Constructive comments and suggestions are also most welcomed and appreciated. Do feel free to use the Contact Us form or the comment fields for comments or suggestions.

Thank you very much for checking our site out, we hope your visit has been a rewarding one for you.

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